Brand Activation

At Football Focus Asia, we are committed to helping our clients activate their brand through Football. Asia is a hotbed of football support for the English Premier League and as such there are many ways that your brand can translate to consumers through linking with the Sport and the EPL.

For instance, we are constantly organising Football events across Asia for various clients, weaving together several strands of entertainment to deliver the most enjoyable, exciting football experiences.

From our innovative Stadium football viewing experiences, where the atmosphere and location take the Football viewing party to a whole new level, to our other Legend evenings and viewing parties in Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Phillipines.

From our tailored football events and roadshows using the massive Goalstriker machine, the only one of its kind in Asia, around  Malaysia and further afield to our yearly Masters Football Tournament, we have always prided ourselves on delivering professional, ground breaking and most importantly, exciting football experiences for our clients and sponsors.

In addition to some fantastic events, we also offer the option of taking limited edition signed merchandise and sending your customers to England to watch a Live EPL game. Coupled with our partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Academy in the UK to train Asian boys in the English Premier League, we feel we have a full package of options for any Asian company looking to leverage the popularity of Football and the EPL to help their brand.

Please take a look at the areas where we are currently working and do not hesitate to contact us should you either be interested in any individual areas of our business, or if you should wish us to plan a bespoke Football campaign for you.