Radar Speed Cage

Have you ever wondered how hard you can kick a football? With Radar Speed Cage you can find out. The latest in Radar Technology allows the speed of contestants kicks to be measured in miles per hour providing an enjoyable and competitive game. The Inflatable is 5m x 4m and has specialised panels for branding with you or your clients logos. For maximum excitement, prizes can be given out to the players with the most powerful kick!    

Target Football

Target Football is an exciting test of accurate shooting. Players must kick as many footballs through the holes in the goal in a set time limit with different areas equaling different points scores. The Inflatable is 5m x 4m and has specialised panels for branding with you or your clients logos. For more fun the players with the highest scores can be awarded prizes for being the most accurate shot.     

Football Bungee Run

Football Bungee Run is a great fun way to compete against others, using your strength to pull against a bungee cord attached to your waist in order to reach the end of the ‘bungee lane’ and grab the ‘velcro’ football. With two lanes side by side, this is an exciting, competitive game that can be used at any event or party and also contains areas for branding for you or your clients logos. Bungee Run is 10m x 4.5m and can feature indoors or outdoors.     

Futsal Challenge Court

If you are looking to have a futsal competition in your event and to create a big impact at the same time, then the Challenge Court is just what you are looking for. At 12m x 8m, it is the perfect size for skill packed, exciting games and there is plenty of room for branding all around the machine. The game is also covered with netting, so the emphasis is on spectator safety, whilst still allowing viewers to enjoy the game. Other sizes are also available on request.    

Inflatable Futsal Pitch

The Inflatable Futsal Pitch means any venue can now be turned into a futsal court.. 
Set up is simple,  all you need is a standard power point and a space large enough to fit the 15m x 25m inflatable. The pitch sets up and dismantles quickly and provides a safe and enjoyable game for people of all ages. Transportation of the inflatable is convenient and requires little storage space. The inflatable pitch is perfect for futsal tournaments as all walls and goals can be branded with replaceable Velcro signage.