Tesco Roadshow

The Tesco Roadshow provides on ground access to Malaysia’s largest supermarket chain.  The roadshow covers 4 days per location, Thursday to Sunday, ensuring all peak times are hit. 

Tesco’s Malls generate large volumes of traffic particularly over weekends.  The Goal Striker machine is a proven crowd drawing mechanism, it attracts people to interact with your brand and product through Malaysia’s most popular sport, football.

The Roadshow is a great marketing tool suitable for many types of audiences. It increases product awareness at the venue, drives sales and creates new customers. In terms of branding, have your name on the Goalstriker machine, associate you brand with the world most popular sport and reinforce your customer relationship with this unique opportunity to interact. And when you want to pitch new products or gather data and do market research, our Roadshow is the way to go. 

For more information or bookings please contact us at Football Focus Asia. 


Currently we are using the Roadshows in cooperation with Telekom Malaysia. The TM campaign has a coverage all over Peninsular Malaysia and has proven very successful so far. 
The Goalstriker machine is attracting large crowds and shoppers are very enthusiastic to get a shot in. Not in the least place because of all the great prizes that are up for grabs like signed shirts, boots and cash prizes. The TM team is taking this opportunity to improve brand awareness, gather data and feedback as well as work on their customer base. 

Our Tesco Roadshow visits all main residential areas of Peninsular Malaysia from north to south, including:

Kuala Lumpur
Johor Bahru
Kota Bharu
Sungai Petani and
Alor Setar