EPL Football Cup Regional

What is European Player Legend Football?

EPL Football Cup is an intensive, action packed 3 hour football tournament, bringing together the biggest names in European Football to once again play for some of the most decorated teams in sporting history.  The 3 hour indoor event showcases 3 European legend teams, Liverpool Legends, Manchester United Legends and an All Star team along with a side made up of local legends.
The 4 teams face off in a round-robin tournament where everyone plays each other once, the two top teams then face off in a grand final in order to lift the EPL Football Cup.

The EPL Football Cup is more than just a indoor football tournament. It is the single largest legend sporting event in Asia, over 36 legends of football come together, reigniting old rivalries, settling old scores and showing they still have what it takes to play football at the top level.  In addition to the tournament there is a range of sponsor and supporters activities allowing fans to get up close and person with the players that really put European football on the map.  


The Development of the EPL Football Cup

Football Focus Asia enjoyed tremendous success with Legend Tournaments throughout the previous 4 years, the tournaments offered not only an opportunity for fans to see football’s greatest stars take to the sage again, it also offered excellent corporate benefits and a staggering global coverage. Football Focus Asia is now establishing new events and is developing the EPL Football Cup brand into star studded annual tournaments, all highlights in the corporate sporting calendar. These will include indoor, 11 a-side and 20/20 formats. In 2013 EPL Football Cup is going to invade South East Asia with some of the biggest names in football.

Sponsors make the EPL Football Cup tournament possible, every expansion and improvement we have made to the event has been dependant on sponsor support. The regional expansion of the EPL Football Cup highlights two things. Firstly, the European Player Legends brand is a successful medium for sponsorship, it offers desirable benefits which it consistently delivers upon. Secondly, European Player Legends Football Cup as a brand is growing, its successes have been recognised and have fuelled its expansion. 


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