The EPL Masters Indonesia Cup 2012

The EPL All-Stars team left the inaugural Indonesian Masters tournament in Jakarta with another Masters trophy for their collection, but it was not won without a fight. The passionate Indonesian fans were treated to a fast paced and exciting tournament. Many high scoring games were decided by late goals, which only added to the nail-biting atmosphere. The Manchester United legends were especially unlucky when it came to tight games, losing out by one goal to the EPL All-Stars and their old rivals Liverpool, even though they scored 9 goals in the two games. They did manage to defeat the well supported home team, the Indonesian All-Stars, and finish 3rd in the group, with the Indonesians finishing 4th, but provided a creditable showing.

Despite this being the first time that Masters Football had been to Indonesia, the support was fantastic, with the Liverpool fans in particular providing a real EPL feel to the atmosphere. 


The Final itself was a heavyweight affair, with the EPL All-Stars team playing Liverpool, who had previously beaten them 8-1 in the tournament, aided by the inform Robbie Fowler, who had all but secured the tournament Golden Boot. The EPL All-Stars were determined to have revenge for their group stage thrashing, and with Player of the Tournament, Michael Mols, providing 2 goals and playing an instrumental role for the All-Stars they were 4-2 winners.


The fans enjoyment was not limited to just seeing their heroes play however, the joy of the EPL Masters is the chance for fans to meet, get autographs and have photos with the Legendary EPL players. This was a real novelty for the Indonesian fans, and the players were more than happy to give the fans a treasured piece of memorabilia.