Panini Euro Stars

Together with Panini, Football Focus has helped create the next generation of premiums.  They are fun, fresh and from our numerous surveys and market research, is what real football fans want.

The premium is a state of the art sticker.  This sticker is unique as it encompasses players and teams from European football as well as an option of international teams and players. All premium stickers have 3 mini stickers contained within including the player, team badge and player’s name. This is especially unique as football fans can utilise these stickers for their mobile phones, laptops, books, cars etc, to show their loyalty and passion for their team.

Stickers now utilise new adhesive technology making them reusable, they can be stuck and re stuck up to 200 times, meaning no unwanted residues and marks.

Because of the flexibility of player and club type, for both national and international teams this new premium range can be utilised for many major football based competitions, from the EPL to the European Cup.  This will connect your brand to football whatever the event.