Legends Tournaments


There is an opportunity to organise a six-a-side tournament or eleven-a-side exhibition match featuring some famous football Legends, who can play each other or even a local Legends team. The benefits from this start from the potential media coverage the event will bring, along with the hype for football fans to watch some of their favourite players in their home country.

Alongside the tournament, there are opportunities to bring value through the use of the players in the media, corporate hospitality and customer engagement along with a chance to bring attention to CSR projects as well.

Football Focus Asia has vast experience hosting these events with fifteen tournaments or exhibition games having been organised over the years, featuring teams such as Liverpool Legends, Manchester United Legends, Arsenal Legends, EPL All Star Legends and various different local Legend teams from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei and Macau.

Whether it is watching 10,000 fans pack into the Singapore Indoor Stadium for the inaugural Singapore EPL Football Cup, or the massive ROI gained by partners through local & international TV coverage and promotion through all forms of media, there are many benefits to hosting a Legend tournament event.