On-Ground Activations

At Football Focus Asia, we are committed to helping our clients activate their brand through Football. Asia is a hotbed of football support for the English Premier League and as such there are many ways that your brand can translate to consumers through linking with Football and the EPL on-ground.

For instance, we are constantly organising Football events across Asia for various clients, weaving together several strands of entertainment to deliver the most enjoyable, exciting football experiences.

We organise several roadshows which your brand can join with, utilising high-sales environments such as Tesco Superstores or Malls and also touring the country visiting Universities, Colleges and Schools with our football machines.

We also put together tailored football events and roadshows using our advanced electronic Super Shot and Multi Sports machines, the only ones of their kind in Asia, around Malaysia and further afield to our innovative football viewing experiences, where the atmosphere and location take the Football viewing party to a whole new level.

Our large selection of electronic Football games and Sports Inflatables are also a perfect way to inject some excitement into any event, family day or carnival and we would be happy to quote you for rental of any of these games for you. All of our games can be branded up and we feel strongly that using a good quality electronic game with your company branding at your event will reflect well on your brand and leave your customers/clients with positive memories of the occasion.

We have run hundreds of separate football and sports events over the last 15 years, but examples of some recent events we have completed include our Continental Roadshow, in association with their sponsorship of the European Championships, that travelled around the country visiting Tesco Stores with our Electronic Super Shot machine and allowing customers to check their tyre pressure, while explaining to them the benefits of the different products. The event, which had several additional activities, managed to interact with over one thousand people at each venue an showcase Continental in a professional and enjoyable way.